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> Polyimide Films
> Fiberglass Sleeving
> Crosslink Polyolefin
> Insulating papers
> Ceramic Fiber
> Fiber Yarns
> Fabric tape
> Mica Tape


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High Temperature (Class F & H ) Fiberglass Sleeving

"F" Class Fiberglass Sleeving with Acrylic coating which are resistant to most acids, oils, organic solvents, water, cut-through & abrasion. They are compatible with wide range of wire enamels & are designed to perform for long periods in Class 155 0C range as well as at low temperatures with no loss of electrical or physical properties.

Silicone Resin Self Extinguishable Fiberglass Sleeving (Class H) treated at high temperature is the sleeving braided with non-alkali fiberglass and coated with a special kind of silicon resin. The sleeving possesses good qualities of dielectric, self-extinguishment, excellent softness & elasticity. Its widely used as wiring insulator for H class Electrical Machinery, Domestic Electrical Appliances, Heating Electrical Equipment, TV sets & Electric Apparatus & also for protection of collected strands of wire.

Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeving (H Class) (Fiber Inside & Rubber Outside)

Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Sleeving (H Class) (Fiber outside & Rubber Inside)

Silicone rubber fiberglass (fiber inside and rubber outside) sleeving, woven as sleeving by non-alkali fiberglass and coated with silicone in high temperature. It has better dielectricity, automatic quench and softness than silicone rubber fiberglass sleeving, widely used in the insulation protection of internal line cluster in H&N machinery, household electrical appliances, electroheat device and special illuminations.


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